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SegnaWeb: risorse Internet selezionate dai bibliotecari italiani

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SegnaWeb: directory of web sites selected by Italian librarians

What is SegnaWeb?

SegnaWeb is a directory of web sites selected by Italian librarians. Resources are selected for their usefulness both to reference services in the public library and to citizens themselves. Italian resources are preferred, but cooperation with similar directories in other languages and countries is welcome.

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Business and Economy
Trade - Consumer Information - Business, Enterprises and Management - Finance, Money and Banks - Job and Employment - Retirement and Social Services

Art and Culture
Architecture - Figurative and Plastic Fine Arts - Libraries and Catalogues - Cinema - Photography - Comics - Literature - Books and Publishing - e-Books - Fashion - Museums and World Heritage - Music - Performing Arts and Theatre - City Planning and Landscape Art

Cars and Motorcycles - Home, gardening and Do-it-yourself - Cooking - National Events - Sport -

Computer Science and Internet
Computer Science - Internet - Free software -

Information and News
Acronyms ad Abbreviations - Flags - Biographies - Calendars - Directories of italian web resources - Directories of web resources in other countries - Ask @your library - Emergency Services - Encyclopedias - Press and News Agencies - Addresses, Phone Numbers and E-mails - Directories of italian web resources - Units of Measurement, Time - Standards - Statistics - Television and Radio - Travelling and Transportation

Education and Training
Special Educational Needs - Education - Professional Training - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education - University and Research

Medicine and Health
Nutrition - Child Care - Medicine and Pharmacy - Mental Health

Politics and Public Institutions
Embassies and Consulates - Public Administration - Local Institutions - International Organizations - Politics - Citizenship and Immigration

Science and Technology
Agriculture - Animal care - Astronomy - Biology - Botany - Patents and Brands - Chemistry - Ecology, Weather and Environment - Physics - Geology - Engineering and Aeronautics - Mathematics and Statistics - Palaeontology - Science History and Theory - Zoology

Human and Social Sciences
Anthropology and Archaeology - Archives and Archive-keeping - Communication and Marketing - Law - Philosophy - Genealogy - Geography, Atlases and Maps - Italian Language - Languages and Linguistics, Translator Softwares - Psychology - Religion - Library and Information Science - Social Services - Sociology and Social Studies - History
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